Wood Wool

Wood Wool is a mechanically produced, multifunctional wood-based material in the form of fine strands up to 500 mm long, 0.15 – 0.2mm wide and virtually dust-free. Loose and natural wood threads, in contrast to wood chips, are largely free of splinters. These are made from deciduous and coniferous wood that has been debarked, depending on the use, and air dried up to 13% moisture.

Eden Wood Wool is of the highest quality and is used in many applications for void filling, stuffing, cushioning, insulation and filtration, common in many diverse branches of industry including animal hygiene and food. It does not attract fungus or bacteria & has good elasticity/velocity which safeguards your high-value products from damage during transportation. It is also an excellent animal bedding, particularly for primates who are susceptible to disease.  It is used by different industries i.e. Wood Wool (Acoustic & Cement) Boards, Sheet/Float Glass Industry, Hatcheries, and Udder Milking.

Udder Wood Wool

Udder Wood Wool is an important component of milking to achieve the desired result. Hygienically it is necessary to remove dirt and excrement from udder to avoid milk pollution. A further positive effect of this cleaning process is the stimulation of the udder, which leads to the output of the hormone Oxytocin and consequently to rapid milk delivery. It is also important to create a stress-free atmosphere for milking, to prevent the onset of stress hormones, which restrain milk production. It is typically manufactured from special softer, finer wood.

  • It is handy, cost-effective, and can be combined with disinfectants if required.
  • A fresh bale is used for each cow because of the hygienic requirements. However, only about 5 grams per procedure is needed.
  • One major advantage is the fact that this is a completely natural product and is easily disposed of.
  • In experience, you will require approximately 4.5kg for each cow per year.
  • We supply our Super Fine Udder Wood Wool in Hygienically Wrapped 10kg Bales

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More about Wood Wool:

If Wood Wool is bound and preserved with a composite such as magnesite (magnesium carbonate), it is called “wood wool lightweight panels”. These are used as insulation for heat and sound in walls and ceilings. They are ecologically recommendable as they do not contain any artificial binders or pollutants.

As early as the Middle Ages, this by-product of wood processing, was used as an additive to clay (e.g. clay corrugation) in half-timbered buildings and as a filler for mattresses.

Technical Characteristics

The production procedure provides for small weight, large productivity and dust-free product. Wood Wool has no adverse vibration and shift effect, resulting in no overfilling of packaging, to achieve self-cohesion and prevent the quicksand effect.


Wood is the only raw material, which binds CO² during production. It is manufactured by mechanical machine cutting, therefore, low power and no chemicals are required.


Our products are naturally biodegradable and can simply be added to your compost.


Very favourable price/return relationship per m³ of packing material, this means low costs. By carefully pressing wood, the material becomes consolidated to approx. 1/6 of its initial volume, which is a very big advantage for transport and storage.

  • A light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber
  • Used to keep items safe and secure during transit and storage
  • Extremely popular with the gift industry and commonly used in hampers
  • Well-presented solution and offers a high-end finish
  • Sold in single naturally dried kiln bales that weigh 2.5kg, 10kg, 20kg & 50kg bales

Excelsior Void Packaging

Wood wool, also known as excelsior (in North America), is a type of packaging material that is commonly used as a void filler in shipping boxes and crates. It is made by shredding thin, curly strands of wood from sustainable sources, such as softwood trees like spruce or pine.

One of the key benefits of using it as a packaging material is its environmental friendliness. Unlike many other packaging materials, such as polystyrene foam or plastic bubble wrap, wood is biodegradable and compostable. This means that it can break down naturally over time without harming the environment.

Additionally, wood is a renewable resource, as trees can be replanted and harvested for use in the production of new wood wool. This is in contrast to many other packaging materials, such as foam and plastic, which are made from non-renewable petroleum-based sources.

It is also a highly effective void filler, as it can conform to the shape of the product being shipped and provide cushioning and shock absorption during transport. It is also lightweight, which can help reduce shipping costs and carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Overall, using wood-based material as a packaging material is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice that can help reduce waste and promote a more circular economy.

Eden Wood Wool void fill is the ultimate eco-friendly, sustainable protective packaging solution on the market. Made entirely of kiln-dried wood, it offers an excellent alternative to shredded tissue paper or other void fill options and ensures your items are protected whilst creating a rustic, eco finish. Boasting a whole host of eco credentials, our excelsior void fill is recyclable, biodegradable, plastic-free, made from sustainably sourced materials and manufactured carbon neutrally; it really does tick every eco box. Popular within the gift packaging industry, wood-based void fill is commonly used as hamper filling but can also be used for general packing duties and, due to the manufacturing process, can be used as animal bedding. Available in 4 sizes to cater for all operations, our wood void fill is an excellent solution for all your protective packaging needs.

Eden Wood Wool Pads for Product Protection

Eden Wood Wool Pads will meet your seasonal needs. It saves a lot of manpower as they are set into place quickly. The pads are available in standard sizes (others available on request): 60×40 cm, 50×30 cm, 40×30 cm, 20×30 cm.

Our products are 100% natural and biodegradable. Protect and authentically enhance the value of your fruits and vegetables with a wood-based product that is suitable for food contact.

Eden Wood Wool Pads

The Wood Pad is used by Hatcheries in poultry crates to transport day-old chicks. The Pad absorbs droppings and allows them to travel in the best conditions:

  • Cleanly
  • Comfortably
  • Kept warm
  • Reduce the death rate due to the stability of their legs on the pads.

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