Walnut Shell

Eden Walnut Shell Granules and Flour are sourced and supplied from Europe and the USA. Our Walnut products are manufactured from English Walnuts and we provide solutions to many industrial and pet applications.

Walnuts are pre-ground, cleaned and the membrane and fat are removed from the shell before they go for further processing. Specifically ground on hammer and roller mills to get the correct size and surface of the granule.

We are also able to offer a limited amount of grades in Olive Stone and Almond Shell.

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Walnut Shell Applications:


Eden Walnut Shells are used in many polishing and deburring applications. Our Walnuts are used for polishing and cleaning metal alloys, mechanical parts, shell cartridges, jewellery and coins.

Blasting Media

Eden Walnut Shells are a typical vegetable blast media used to clean metals, fibreglass, wood, plastic and stone. Our Walnut Shells are ground to various sizes (coarse and fine) for the use in a variety of applications. Walnut Shells are used in a similar manner to other blast media. However, the soft nature of Walnut can remove surface matter without scratching or pitting the underlying material.
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With ever changing environmental regulations, manufacturers around the world are required to meet new water quality standards. Walnut Shell filtration is the next generation of technology. Eden Walnut Shells are being used in Filtration systems to remove oil, grease and suspended solids from water on oilfields, chemical plants and refinery water streams. Walnut Shells are reused by back washing the contaminants from the shells. This system is one of the most cost effective and efficient systems in use today.

Paint Extender

Eden Walnut Shell Flour and Granules have been used within the paint industry for many years. Used as an extender to replace mineral fillers, Walnut Shell has a lower density and is seen as a move environmental and sustainable product. Walnut Shell Granules are used as a texturiser to replace mineral and plastic products.

Oil Industry

Eden Walnut Shell has been used within the Oil Industry for many years, it is a tried and tested product to control the loss of mud within the drilling process. It is more commonly known as a Loss Circulation Media. Walnut Shell is available in 3 grades Coarse, Medium and Fine.


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