Virgin Cork Bark

Eden Products Ltd is a leading UK supplier of Virgin Cork Bark for the reptile substrate industry.

Virgin Cork Bark is a highly favoured habitat material used within vivariums for reptiles and frogs. Its unique properties and natural aesthetics make it an ideal choice for creating an enriching and functional environment for these creatures. Eden Products, a trade supplier, offers Virgin Cork Bark in various quantities, including 5kg and 10kg packs, as well as bulk orders to wholesalers, retailers and commercial organisations such as zoos that design, manage and install large-scale animal habitats.

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More About Virgin Cork Bark:

Natural and Sustainable Material

Virgin Cork Bark is derived from the outer bark of cork oak trees (Quercus suber), which are primarily found in Mediterranean regions. It is harvested without causing harm to the trees, as only the outer layer of bark is carefully stripped away. This makes Virgin Cork Bark an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for vivariums.

Versatility and Aesthetics

Virgin Cork Bark exhibits a distinctive, rough, and textured appearance, with natural crevices and contours. These features create an engaging and visually appealing habitat for reptiles and frogs. The irregular shapes and varying thicknesses of the bark pieces provide a diverse range of climbing surfaces, hiding spots, and perching areas, enriching the overall vivarium environment.

Climbing and Hiding Opportunities

Reptiles, such as arboreal lizards or tree-dwelling snakes, greatly benefit from the presence of Virgin Cork Bark in their vivariums. The textured surface of the bark allows for excellent grip, facilitating climbing and exploration. The natural crevices and cavities within the bark provide hiding places, giving reptiles a sense of security and privacy within their enclosure.


Moisture Regulation and Microclimates

Virgin Cork Bark has a porous nature, which helps regulate moisture levels within the vivarium. It can absorb and release moisture, contributing to the creation of microclimates within the enclosure. This is particularly beneficial for reptiles and frogs that require specific humidity gradients for proper hydration and shedding.

Natural Behaviours and Enrichment

Virgin Cork Bark encourages natural behaviours in reptiles and frogs. The climbing opportunities promote exercise, muscle development, and exploration. The hiding spots and elevated perching areas allow animals to exhibit their innate instinct to seek shelter and survey their surroundings. The presence of Virgin Cork Bark provides mental and physical stimulation, contributing to the overall well-being and enrichment of the animals.


Eden Products Virgin Cork Bark Supplier:

Eden Products is a trusted trade supplier of Virgin Cork Bark. We offer convenient packaging options such as 5kg and 10kg packs as well as bulk orders. Our commitment to quality ensures that customers receive premium Virgin Cork Bark, meeting the specific needs of reptiles and frogs. For those undertaking larger vivarium setups or projects, bulk orders are also available to ensure an ample supply of Virgin Cork Bark.

Virgin Cork Bark is widely used as a habitat within vivariums for reptiles and frogs due to its natural properties and aesthetic appeal. It provides climbing opportunities, hiding places, moisture regulation, and promotes natural behaviours, contributing to the well-being and enrichment of the animals. Eden Products, as a supplier of Virgin Cork Bark, offers various quantities to meet the demands of vivarium enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring a reliable and quality source of this valuable habitat material.

Eden Products takes pride in sourcing and supplying high-quality Virgin Cork Bark, ensuring that each piece meets the standards necessary for creating a natural and enriching habitat. The Virgin Cork Bark provided by Eden Products is carefully selected to offer a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for customisation and creativity in the design of vivariums.

By choosing Virgin Cork Bark from Eden Products, you can create an environment that closely mimics the natural habitats of reptiles and frogs. The unique texture, crevices, and contours of the bark provide an engaging and stimulating environment for these creatures to explore, climb, hide, and perch. Additionally, the moisture-regulating properties of Virgin Cork Bark contribute to the creation of appropriate microclimates, helping to maintain optimal humidity levels for the well-being of your reptiles and frogs.

Moreover, Eden Products’ commitment to sustainability is reflected in our sourcing of Virgin Cork Bark. The cork oak trees from which the bark is harvested are not harmed in the process, ensuring the long-term viability of these valuable ecosystems. By choosing Virgin Cork Bark from Eden Products, you support the conservation and sustainable use of cork oak forests, making a positive impact on the environment.

In conclusion, Virgin Cork Bark from Eden Products is a highly suitable habitat material for reptiles, frogs, and other animals within vivariums. Its natural properties, versatility, and aesthetics provide climbing opportunities, hiding spots, and a stimulating environment. Eden Products’ range of packaging options, including 5kg and 10kg packs, as well as bulk orders, ensures a reliable supply for projects of various sizes. With our focus on quality and sustainability, Eden Products is your go-to trade supplier for premium Virgin Cork Bark, allowing you or your customers to create captivating and sustainable habitats for your reptiles and frogs.

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