Smoking Chips

We are a fully Certified BRC supplier of Commercial and BBQ Smoking Chips and Dust. All of our materials have been developed to work on all commercial smoke generators and traditional kilns.

Enhancing the flavour and preserving food by infusing smoke has a long history in the UK and Ireland. Cellulose and hemicellulose which are the building blocks of wood which are primarily aggregated sugar molecules. When these are burnt they effectively caramelise which then provide the colour and impart the sweet, fruity, flowery aromas to the food.

Eden supply hard and soft woods which all provide a different food smoking experience.

All of our European sourced wood is certified under a European PEFC Wood Sustainability Standard. These timbers are harvested sympathetically, primarily from the forests of Germany and are fully sustainable.

Over the 15 years of suppling the Food Smoking Industry we have expanded our portfolio to cover the most interesting and environmentally available woods.

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Smoking Chips Available:

Our standard grades of material which will be suitable for your commercial smokehouse are as follows:

  • Dust 0/20 – 5/10 (0-2mm)
  • Chip 7/20 (2mm)
  • Chip 10/40 (4mm)
  • Chip 20/160 (8mm)

We have a full range of Wood available:

  • Eden Oak Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Beech Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Apple Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Cherry Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Hickory Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Chestnut Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Alder Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Mesquite Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Maple Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Whisky Oak Smoking Chips and Dust
  • Eden Juniper Smoking Dust

Eden Friction Logs

As well as the traditional smoke generators and kilns, Friction Kilns are increasingly becoming common. The wood used for these smoke generators are Friction Logs.

Specifically cut logs and seasoned within warm kilns to ensure that the logs do not distort, the logs are then finally sized and stacked onto pallets of 224, standard size logs.

We are able to offer as few Eden Friction Logs as required or up to 224 per pallet or a mixed selection. Most Friction Logs come in 2 size but we can cut and order to your requirements.

80 x 80 x 950mm

80 x 100 x 950mm

40 x 40 x 950mm

Eden Friction Logs Oak

Eden Friction Logs Beech

Eden Friction Logs Cherry

Eden Friction Logs Hickory

Eden Friction Logs Chestnut

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