Pumice Stone

Eden Pumice Stone is mined and imported from Idaho USA.

The Purest and Most Superior Pumice is exhumed from large deposits, deep underground. In the fiery heart of a volcano, water mixes with molten rock and pressure builds until a final violent, spectacular release.

The trapped water in the viscous super-heated rock, flashes to steam blasting the magma into a frothy stone that cools, hardens, and falls to the earth as pumice. Pumice is a foamed-glass stone that is hard yet friable, non-crystalline in structure, and naturally calcine, this combination of characteristics make pumice powders and aggregates incredibly useful with the Cosmetic Industry and a perfect Natural alternative to Poly Bead.

The value of Pumice to infrastructure and industry goes back at least 2000 years. Roman engineers knew that by adding fine-grained pumice, or “pozzolana” to their hydrated lime cement, the result was a strong, durable concrete. Some two millennia later it is still used in a similar way.

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