Poultry Bedding

The magnitude of achieving the best environment within Poultry Houses is of great importance. Eden Products Ltd supply the highest quality Poultry Bedding which has positive and hygienic effects on the condition of the bird and environment within the broilers.

Eden Poultry Bed is manufactured from ground virgin sustainable compressed wood fibres which makes the product highly absorbent. The high surface area of the product means the floor of the broiler remains dry which has a positive effect with less bacterial growth and also leads to increased fattening performance.

Studies have been made which show the birds get less joint inflammation and hock burn.

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Benefits & Usage:

  • Dryer Litter
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Less Labour Required – No Re Spreading
  • Low Ammonia Emissions
  • Less Issues With Feet

Product Usages: 

  • Use with Day Olds – 1kg per m2
  • Use with Breeders – 1 – 2kg per m2
  • Use with Turkeys – 12.5kg per m2

Available in 25kg Paper Bags or 1,000kg Big Bags

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We deliver goods directly from factories or stock is stored in many of our facilities in the UK.