Orchid Bark

Eden Products Ltd is a leading UK supplier of Orchid Bark for the reptile substrate industry.

Orchid Bark, offered by Eden Products, is a soft, odourless, and super-absorbent substrate that creates a comfortable and natural habitat for reptiles. As a trade supplier of Orchid Bark, Eden Products serves both wholesale and retail customers, including zoos, providing a reliable source of this substrate. Its chunky and fibrous composition makes it an ideal choice for use in terrariums, and it is often referred to as terrarium bark.

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Benefits of Orchid Bark:

Soft and Comfortable

Orchid Bark is soft to the touch, ensuring a comfortable substrate for reptiles to walk, rest, and burrow on. Its gentle texture mimics the natural environments of reptiles, allowing them to feel at ease in their terrariums.


Orchid Bark is odourless, contributing to a pleasant and fresh environment for both reptiles and their owners. This is particularly advantageous in enclosed spaces like terrariums, as it helps minimise any potential odours that may arise from the substrate.

Super Absorbent

The absorbent nature of Orchid Bark allows it to retain moisture effectively. It can absorb and retain water, creating a humid microclimate within the terrarium. This is especially beneficial for reptiles that require higher humidity levels, such as tropical species or amphibians.

Natural and Aesthetic Appeal

Orchid Bark’s chunky and fibrous composition adds a natural and aesthetically pleasing element to terrarium setups. Its appearance enhances the overall visual appeal of the enclosure, creating a more realistic and visually engaging habitat for reptiles.

Versatile Use

Orchid Bark is versatile and suitable for a range of reptiles, including various species of snakes, lizards, and frogs. It provides a substrate that supports natural behaviours like digging, burrowing, and hiding, promoting the reptiles’ physical and mental well-being.

By offering Orchid Bark as a trade supplier, Eden Products ensures that both wholesale and retail customers, as well as zoos, have access to this high-quality substrate. Whether used in small-scale terrariums or large-scale zoo exhibits, Orchid Bark provides a reliable and suitable substrate choice for reptiles.

In summary, Orchid Bark from Eden Products is a soft, odourless, and super absorbent substrate that is ideal for creating a natural and comfortable habitat for reptiles. Its chunky and fibrous composition, often referred to as terrarium bark, adds aesthetic appeal to terrarium setups. Eden Products’ role as a trade supplier ensures that Orchid Bark is readily available to wholesale and retail customers, as well as zoos, providing a reliable source of this substrate for reptile enthusiasts and professionals.

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