Oak Smoking Chips

Eden Products is a leading UK supplier of premium Oak Smoking Chips. As a certified BRC supplier, our focus is on enhancing the culinary experience by introducing the rich tradition of smoking, a technique deeply rooted within the UK and Ireland food industries. All of our smoking woods have been developed to work on all commercial smoke generators and traditional kilns.

Oak smoking chips are celebrated for their robust flavour profile and are a popular, all-round choice. They impart a strong, yet balanced taste, adding a rich, earthy, and slightly sweet aroma to foods. This makes them a perfect choice for a wide range of dishes that benefit from a more pronounced and robust smoke flavour. Oak is a durable hardwood, excellent for smoking any meat including game and poultry, as well as fish such as salmon. Oak chips are preferable for those seeking a bolder taste, however, for a milder alternative, beech smoking chips are a great choice. The advantage of using Eden oak chips extends beyond taste; they ensure a consistent burn and smoke, guaranteeing a reliable smoking experience.

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More About Oak Smoking Chips:

At Eden Products, we place immense importance on the sourcing and production of our smoking chips. Our wood, sourced from European forests, adheres to the European PEFC Wood Sustainability Standard, affirming our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Primarily harvested from sustainable forests in Germany, our oak chips are an eco-friendly choice.

Over the past 15 years, we have broadened our range to include quality and environmentally sustainable options for the food smoking industry. Our oak smoking chips and dust are compatible with all commercial smoke generators and traditional kilns, making them a dependable choice for both professional and personal use. Our oak chips are a popular choice for use in commercial food smokers with brands such as AFOS, Ness, Maurer, Bastra, and Fessmann.

We offer both smoking chips and smoking dust in various hardwoods and softwoods. The difference between our oak smoking chips and dust is noteworthy – the chips are suited for extended smoking sessions, giving a richer flavour, whilst the dust is ideal for quick and cold smoking methods, imparting a subtler taste.

Grades Available:

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We provide oak chips in several sizes to facilitate varying smoke intensities and custom smoking experiences.

Below are the available sizes:

Wood Type Dust 7/20 10/40 20/160
0-2mm 2mm 4-8mm 8-12mm
Eden Oak Smoking Chips and Dust x x x x

Eden oak smoking chips are the ultimate choice for enriching the flavour of your smoked dishes. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction distinguishes us in the food smoking sector. For questions about our products or advice on the best options for your smoking needs, our customer service team is ready to assist. We also supply Beech, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Alder, Apple, Mesquite, Juniper, Spruce, Whisky, and Bourbon smoking chips and dust. Please get in touch today for more information.

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