Beech Smoking Chips

Eden Products is a leading UK supplier of high-quality Beech Smoking Chips. As a fully certified BRC supplier, we are committed to enhancing the flavour of food by infusing smoke, a practice with a long history in the UK and Ireland. All of our smoking products have been developed to work on all commercial smoke generators and traditional kilns.

Eden beech chips are renowned for their unique flavour profile. Their subtle yet distinctive taste lends a mild, sweet, and nutty flavour to foods, making them a great choice for a broad range of dishes that require delicate smoke. If you need a stronger, more intense flavour, oak smoking chips are a great alternative with a similar flavour profile. Beech smoking chips are a versatile hardwood, ideal for smoking fish, poultry, pork, or beef, as well as vegetables and cheeses. The benefits of using our beech chips go beyond flavour; they also provide a consistent burn and smoke, ensuring a reliable smoking experience every time.

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More About Beech Smoking Chips:

At Eden Products, we take great care in sourcing and producing our beech smoking chips. All our European-sourced wood is certified under a European PEFC Wood Sustainability Standard, ensuring that our products are not only high-quality but also environmentally friendly. Our smoking chips are harvested sympathetically, primarily from the forests of Germany, and are fully sustainable.

Over the past 15 years, we have expanded our portfolio to cover the most interesting and environmentally available options for the food smoking industry. Our beech smoking chips and dust have been developed to work on all commercial smoke generators and traditional kilns, making them a reliable choice for both commercial smokehouses and personal use. Our beech chips are a popular choice for use in commercial food smokers with brands such as AFOS, Ness, Maurer, Bastra, and Fessmann.

We supply smoking chips and smoking dust in hardwoods and softwoods. The difference between our beech smoking chips and beech smoking dust is significant – whilst the chips are ideal for longer smoking sessions and impart a more pronounced flavour, the dust is perfect for quick and cold smoking processes, infusing a more delicate touch to your dishes.

Grades Available:

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We offer beech chips in a variety of sizes to enable different smoke intensities and tailored smoking experiences.

Please find the available sizes below:

Wood Type Dust 7/20 10/40 20/160
0-2mm 2mm 4-8mm 8-12mm
Eden Beech Smoking Chips and Dust x x x x

Eden beech smoking chips are the ideal choice for enhancing the flavour of your smoked dishes. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the food smoking industry. Whether you have a question about our products or need guidance on the best choice for your smoking needs, our customer service team is here to help. You can reach us through our website, where you’ll find detailed contact information. We also supply Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Alder, Apple, Mesquite, Juniper, Spruce, Whisky, and Bourbon smoking chips and dust. Please contact us today for more information.

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