Aspen Fibre

Eden Products Ltd is a leading UK supplier of Aspen Fibre for the reptile substrate industry.

Aspen Fibres are a highly suitable substrate for reptiles, including Corn Snakes, Royal Pythons, and other animals. Preferred by many snake owners, Aspen offers several benefits such as absorbency, low dust, and ease of cleaning. It is a completely biodegradable substrate derived from a sustainable and renewable source.

Aspen Fibre is made from 100% natural soft shredded wood, specifically designed for snakes that do not require high humidity levels. This substrate serves as an excellent bedding option for these reptiles and offers numerous advantages.

Overall, Aspen Fibres provide an ideal substrate for reptiles like Corn Snakes, Royal Pythons, and other animals. The absorbent nature and easy cleaning make Aspen Fibre a popular choice among snake owners. Moreover, the biodegradable and sustainable qualities of Aspen Fibres align with the principles of environmental responsibility. By utilising Aspen Fibres as a bedding option, snake owners can create a comfortable and hygienic habitat for their reptile companions while also contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.

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Benefits of Aspen Fibre:


Aspen Fibres, being completely biodegradable, offer an environmentally friendly bedding option for reptiles. The substrate decomposes naturally over time, reducing waste and leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Furthermore, Aspen Fibres are derived from a sustainable and renewable source, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious snake owners.

Promotes a Dry Environment

The use of Aspen Fibres as a substrate is particularly beneficial for snakes that do not require high humidity levels. Since Aspen bedding is not prone to retaining excessive moisture, it helps maintain a drier environment in the enclosure, reducing the risk of skin-related issues and respiratory problems that can arise from prolonged exposure to high humidity.

Mimics Natural Habitat

Additionally, Aspen Fibres offer a soft and comfortable surface for reptiles like Corn Snakes and Royal Pythons to rest and move upon. The natural soft shredded wood texture of Eden Aspen Bedding mimics the snakes’ natural habitat, providing them with a sense of security and comfort.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aspen Fibres also offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance, adding a natural and attractive element to the snake’s habitat. The light colour and texture of the bedding complement the reptiles’ patterns and enhance the overall visual appeal of the enclosure.

No Impaction Risk

Another advantage of Aspen Fibres is that they do not pose a significant risk of impaction if accidentally ingested by the snakes. While it is always important to monitor the behaviour of reptiles and remove any foreign objects they might ingest, Aspen bedding is generally considered safe and digestible if small amounts are consumed.

Thermal Insulation

Furthermore, Aspen Fibres are known for their thermal insulation properties. They provide a stable and comfortable temperature gradient within the enclosure, allowing the snakes to regulate their body temperature effectively. This is crucial for the overall health and well-being of reptiles, as it enables them to engage in essential thermoregulatory behaviours.

It is worth noting that while Aspen Fibres are suitable for many reptiles, including Corn Snakes and Royal Pythons, the specific requirements and preferences of individual snakes may vary. It is always recommended to research and understand the needs of each species to provide the most appropriate and comfortable habitat.

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