Creating an environment that mirrors the natural habitat of reptiles is necessary for their health and well-being. The foundation of such environments starts with the selection of an appropriate substrate, an important choice that significantly influences the microclimate of their enclosures. Here at Eden Products, we are proud to be a leading supplier of natural and biodegradable reptile substrates in the UK. Specialising predominantly in wood products, this blog is going to focus on our wood-based substrates. Our commitment is to supply businesses with high-quality, eco-friendly reptile substrates, specifically created to mimic natural habitats to support animal tendencies and behaviours.

Understanding the Importance of Substrate Selection

Reptiles, with their diverse habitats ranging from arid deserts to lush rainforests, require environments that support their physiological and behavioural needs. The choice of substrate is important to replicate these conditions, influencing not only the humidity and temperature but also offering a medium for natural activities such as burrowing and hiding. Choosing the correct substrate helps maintain a healthy and stimulating environment for these animals.

Our Range of Wood-Based Reptile Substrates

At Eden Products, we understand the importance of providing a selection of substrates that meet the diverse requirements of reptiles. Our dedication to sustainability and animal welfare drives us to offer a variety of natural, biodegradable products that are both environmentally friendly and conducive to the health of reptiles.

Here are our top wood-based substrates:

Aspen Fibre

Aspen fibre is a premium option for reptile bedding, especially favoured for reptiles that prefer drier environments such as Corn Snakes and Royal Pythons. Our aspen fibre is produced from 100% natural soft shredded wood and boasts several benefits. This substrate is highly absorbent, dust-free, and soft, ensuring a clean and safe enclosure for species that originate from desert areas.

Virgin Cork Bark

The natural look and properties of our virgin cork bark and branches make them an excellent choice for creating enriching environments that mimic the natural habitats of animals. Virgin cork back brings a touch of the wild to vivariums for reptiles and amphibians, providing shelter and hiding spots. This substrate is also porous which helps to regulate moisture levels, creating microclimates within enclosures. We offer virgin cork bark in various quantities to meet the needs of wholesalers, retailers, and commercial businesses.

Orchid Bark

Orchid bark is a superior substrate that supports the comfort and natural living conditions of reptiles. This soft, odourless, and super-absorbent material is ideal for creating a naturalistic habitat within terrariums. Known for its chunky and fibrous composition, orchid bark is often referred to as terrarium bark and is suitable for a variety of reptile species.

Our approach to sourcing and producing substrates is deeply rooted in sustainability, our main business ethos. We recognise our responsibility to the environment and are committed to minimising our ecological footprint. Our range of substrates is not only natural and safe for reptiles but also responsibly sourced to ensure our planet’s health and future.

With our expertise and extensive product range, we can provide customised solutions, whether for large retail chains or independent pet shops. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction positions Eden Products as the preferred supplier for businesses aiming to offer the best in reptile care. We have been supplying to businesses across the pet care industry for over 15 years, providing packed and bulk products to meet your specific demands. If you would like to find more information about our reptile substrates, please contact us on 01606 835757 or email and will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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