Here at Eden, we supply natural materials to a wide range of industries including construction, pet, filtration, and cosmetics, yet you might be surprised to know that we also supply to the food industry. For over 15 years, we have been supplying smoking products to the food industry, with our bags of smoking chips being a popular choice for commercial smoke generators and kilns. We have written another blog post all about smoking chips and what they are used for, but what is smoking dust?

Smoking food has taken off over the years, as a way to traditionally enhance the flavour of foods with rich aromas produced by certain kinds of wood. Both smoking dust and chips are used on smoke generators to add unique flavours to food. Yet, there are differences between the two.

Chips vs Dust



  • Can be between 2-8mm large
  • Used for hot smoking
  • Can be used dry or soaked  beforehand
  • Burns quickly
  • 0-2mm wood particles
  • Used for cold smoking
  • Sawdust like texture
  • Should only be used dry
  • Burns slowly

How to Use Smoking Dust

Whilst smoking chips are generally used in a heated environment and used to smoke foods quickly, smoking dust is used differently. Similar to the texture of sawdust, smoking dust is generally used for cold smoking, to create beautiful flavours to match more delicate foods such as cheeses, fish and butter.

The finer particles of wood are perfect for cooking foods which don’t need a high amount of heat, as smoking dust burns very slowly. It is perfect for foods that don’t require a long cooking time. The taste of food is enhanced with the dust smoulder, which can be produced with a very light flame for an instant smoke. Unlike smoking chips which can be used wet or dry, smoking dust should only be used dry. As smoking dust burns slowly, moisture will hinder the rate of the smoulder, and the flavour will not be as strong.

Smoking dust can be used in commercial smoke generators and smoke boxes, contained within a closed space to infuse food with all-natural, delicious smokey flavours. The amount of heat and level of smoke intensity will depend on the generator and the outcome you want to achieve, so it is important to keep that in mind too.

We offer a fantastic selection of woods, which can produce aromatic and distinct flavours to infuse food dishes. The most common smoking woods are maple, beech, and oak, all of which we have available in chip and dust form. For fruitier and floral notes, we also supply apple and cherry woods, to create sweet and soft tastes to accompany cheeses and pork.

Smoking is a fantastic way to enrich the flavour of foods, using 100% natural and sustainably derived wood. This traditional cooking method can blend a combination of flavours into one dish, without the need for other ingredients.

Our smoking dust is primarily sourced from sustainably managed forests in Germany, certified under a European PEFC Wood Sustainability Standard. Not only is our smoking dust sustainable and biodegradable, but it is also safe. Any product, especially when associated with the food industry must be safe to supply. Our BRC (British Retail Consortium) accreditation shows our customers that our products meet high food safety standards and regulations. You can rely on us to deliver you the best of the best!

If you have any questions regarding smoking dust or the other products that we stock, please call us today on 01606 835757 or email and we will be more than happy to help!

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