Here at Eden, we have been supplying to the pet and reptile industry for over 15 years, providing high-quality, all-natural materials to enrich animal habitats. We supply an extensive range of reptile substrates, to produce a naturalistic environment. The products we stock are suitable for a wide range of enclosures, including vivariums and terrariums. Our range of products are appropriate for reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, birds, and even small mammals however, one size does not fit all. Different substrates can be used for different purposes, as some will be better suited to certain environments and animals than others. In this blog post, we state the differences between the substrates we offer, and how they mimic specific habitats.


Aspen is a fibrous substrate, that is ideal for nesting and animal enrichment. Aspen fibre is particularly suited to snakes, as it is light and soft in texture, making a perfect environment for them to burrow in. Derived from aspen bark, which is non-toxic, this substrate creates a clean and odour-free atmosphere for a range of reptile species. Eden Aspen Fibre is heat-treated to further enhance the quality of the material, including its absorbency level.


Eden HerbiFloor is manufactured out of compressed fibre pellets, which is most appropriate for herbivores that excrete a large amount of liquid waste. These animals include tortoises, iguanas, and other large reptile species. Our HerbiFloor contains only 100% natural and sustainable fibres that can hold a high level of moisture, and because of its absorbency, odours from excess waste remain neutralised, providing a naturalistic environment that is clean and comfortable.

Cork Bark

Our Virgin Cork Bark is ideal for use in vivariums, to imitate the look and feel of trees in an enclosed environment. Cork bark creates secluded nooks and crevices in mimicked habitats, perfect for reptiles and amphibians to hide away in. We stock everything from branches, logs, tubes, and flat bark, to replicate a natural and wild setting as much as possible.


Vermiculite is quite a brittle and fragile reptile substrate, that is recommended for smaller reptiles and invertebrates. It is an expanded low-density mineral, that has excellent water-retaining properties. As a result of its dust-like and small particle texture, Eden Vermiculite is great for higher humidity environments and incubation intervals. Similar to our aspen fibre, we heat-treat this material to reduce bacteria growth in humid conditions.

Corn Cob

Corn cob granules are most popular for reptiles and birds, providing a lightweight and soft surface for the animals to nest in. Naturally derived from corn cob, this product is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, making it a suitable substrate that does not impact the health and well-being of animals.

Orchid Bark

Orchid bark is a well-liked reptile substrate, as not only is it functional, but it is also attractive. Generally, this type of bark is rich and deep in colour, providing a natural earthy look in enclosures such as terrariums. These medium-sized chips hold moisture in humid environments, that cover a large surface area to support tropical reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians. Eden Orchid Bark will ensure these animals feel right at home.

Desert Sand

As the name suggests, desert sand replicates a desert environment, and is particularly suitable for reptiles. This substrate promotes nesting and burrowing behaviours, allowing reptiles to complete the same actions as they would in the wild. Naturally, sand is a great heat conductor and is fantastic at replicating the reptile’s ideal atmosphere, by regulating the temperature in the enclosure. We also offer Natural Red Desert Sand, which is warmer in tone to enhance the look of vivariums.

Tortoise Terrain

Eden Tortoise Terrain is created out of blended sterilised soils, sands, and limestone grit, perfect for enriching tortoise habitats. The combination of materials provides comfort for tortoises underfoot, closely achieving the same characteristics as their natural surrounding. The limestone grit we have included in the terrain also provides calcium for the animals, which is an added benefit of the product.

Beech Chips

Eden Beech Chips are an incredibly popular loose substrate, providing versatile flooring for a variety of reptiles including snakes, lizards, and tortoises. The chips are predominantly used in dry environments, as they do not retain moisture as well as our other products. To manufacture Eden Beech Chips, we dehydrate the wood, which kills bacteria, mould, and spores that are common with other substrates. Despite being in chip form, the material as a whole is lightweight and dust-free, which stimulates natural burrowing behaviours.

All of the products we stock are manufactured out of 100% sustainable and biodegradable media, to support industries striving towards a greener goal. Our reptile substrates can be purchased in bulk, and even mixed and matched onto one pallet if required. If you would like to find more information about our pet products, please browse our reptile substrates page which includes all the products we have to offer. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact us today!

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