Chickens and other bird species have been domesticated for thousands of years, being bred, farmed, and even kept as pets. Just like any other animal, the welfare of these birds is very important, for their health and to supply high-quality resources to the food industry. Eden Products has been supplying to the food and pet industry for over 15 years, manufacturing 100% natural and eco-friendly products to encourage and support sustainability in these industries. One of our newest products is poultry bedding, which you can now browse on our website.

Eden poultry bedding is of the highest quality, to ensure our customers achieve the best hygienic environment within their poultry houses and broilers. We have manufactured our bedding from ground virgin compressed wood fibres, which are sustainable and bio-degradable. Without the correct bedding type, the floor of broilers can become wet and soiled, which causes joint inflammation and hock burn. The combination of high ammonia and poor quality bedding can increase the bird’s susceptibility to these skin irritations.

The benefits of poultry bedding

Highly absorbent

The wood fibres we use are incredibly absorbent, soaking up moisture that may accumulate within poultry houses. The high absorbency means that the bedding will stay drier and cleaner for longer.


Our poultry bedding has a high surface area, which is able to cover larger sections of the broiler floor without the need for re-spreading.  After the bedding has reached an unusable condition, the litter can be composted and reused for other purposes. This makes our poultry bedding a very sustainable solution that is high-performing and cost-effective.

Low ammonia emissions

Due to its absorbency level, odours are neutralised quickly, and the amount of ammonia emissions caused by the birds’ droppings is significantly reduced. As a whole, this will lower the rate at which bacteria will grow, creating an exceptionally hygienic environment for poultry.


Wood fibres make for great thermal insulators, protecting poultry from harsh weather conditions in the colder months. It also helps to regulate the temperature in broilers all year round.


Eden poultry bedding is dust-free, ensuring all birds are as healthy as possible. The dust-free advantage reduces the possibility of eye and respiratory problems.

Overall, the bedding we supply is an excellent option for poultry houses, to maintain the welfare and health of birds. To meet the demands of your products and industry, we offer a bespoke contract packing service. Our poultry bedding is available in 25kg paper bags or 1,000kg bags, to fulfil a range of broiler needs.


Here at Eden Products, we encourage businesses to swap to eco-friendly materials as they have a fantastic range of benefits. Whether you’re looking for poultry bedding or want to acquire one of our other natural medias, all of our products provide the perfect sustainable solutions to your business! If you require more information or have any questions, please call us today on 01606 835757 or fill in our contact form, and our team will be more than happy to help.

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