Corn cob is a by-product of the farming of corn in the maize industry. After corn is harvested, it usually undergoes a process of stripping, that removes the kernels and leaves the cob exposed. The cob accounts for 20-30% of the corn and is utilised in a range of industries for many purposes, including blasting, tumbling, feeding, and animal bedding.

Our Eden corn cob is produced from European seed cob, which is ground and sifted into two parts. The heavier and denser parts of the cob are manufactured into cob granules, and the lighter outskirts of the cob are crushed into small particles to make cob flour. As the cob goes through a grinding and calibration process, different granule grades are produced, all of which are different sizes and recognised globally. We have listed the corn cob grades below and how they are used.

2.0 – 3.0mm
1.5 – 2mm
1.1 – 1.5mm
0.8 – 1.1mm
0.4 – 0.8mm
0.18 – 0.4mm
100 Mesh

Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing is a finishing manufacturing process, where manufactured items are placed into a rotatory finishing bowl to be flashed and deburred. The vibratory action causes the parts to grind against each other, that in turn cleans and polishes the contents. To encourage the deburring, corn cob granules can be added into the bowl to make the process more efficient, as it’s a naturally abrasive product that will cause more friction between the items. Eden corn cob is supplied in a range of grades that are suitable for vibratory finishing. Any measurement between GM12 and GM80 will sufficiently deburr and polish items. Corn cob is a popular abrasive, as it is 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and non-toxic. Plus, its naturally soft characteristics mean it will not scratch or damage the manufactured goods.

Soft Blast Media

Corn cob is soft and elastic in nature, making it suitable for a soft blast media. Soft blasting is the process of projecting a high-velocity flow of abrasive particles at a surface to clean, strip, or remove surface coatings. Eden corn cob is one of the safest materials for soft blasting, as it is a natural by-product that does not produce toxic dust in the blasting process. Previously, silica sand was used as the main blasting material, however, it was phased out due to its harmful effects on human health. Exposure to crystalline silica causes silicosis and respiratory diseases, that cause long-term and serious health issues. Corn cob has no silica particles present, which makes it very safe to use. For general soft blasting, GM30 is commonly used, but for refined work, GM80 is more effective.

Feed Industry

Corn cob granules are used as the main ingredient for fodder, which is the food given to livestock animals in farming. Corn cob not only has health benefits for humans but for animals too, as it is rich in fibre and high in vitamins. These granules offer the essential fibres to the diet of livestock and can help digestive issues by absorbing a high level of liquid.

Pet Industry

Within the pet industry, corn cob is a popular animal substrate, specifically suited to reptiles and birds. Corn cob granules are non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, making them an ideal animal substrate. It is also dust-free, absorbent, and biodegradable, which are characteristics that will help maintain the health and well-being of pets and animals.

Here at Eden Products, we supply 100% natural and sustainable products to a range of industries. We are one of the UK’s leading wholesalers in specialist wood, flour, granules, and vegetable fibre, with over 15 years of experience – you can rely on us for high-quality and eco-friendly products. Corn cob is only one of the sustainable solutions we offer, so please feel free to browse our other products. If you wish to find out more information about corn cob or would like to make a bulk purchase, contact us today on 01606 835757 or email


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