Trying to find the most suitable bedding and substrate for animals and reptiles can be a difficult process. Luckily, Eden Products have been supplying to the reptile industry with packed and bulk products for 15 years, and we are experts in what we do. We have an extensive range of sustainable materials, that will enrich and improve an animal’s habitat. If you work in the pet or animal industry, we supply a variety of products to fit your needs.

Each year, more and more people become reptile and small animal owners, and our products are made to meet the ever-increasing demands, supporting businesses that may house these animals or work in the pet industry.

Reptiles must be homed and raised correctly with the right substrates, and we believe aspen is a perfect option.

What is Aspen Fibre?

Aspen fibre derives from the Aspen tree (Populus Tremula), which is found predominantly in the cool regions of the northern hemisphere. The wood of the tree is soft, lightweight, and white in colour. Aspen has low flammability and along with its other qualities, makes it an excellent choice for reptile and animal bedding.

Historically, aspen was used for medical purposes by many people including Native American tribes and the Chippewa. Aspen bark was used for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, which help treat issues such as swollen joints. The lack of chemicals and non-toxic properties aspen has makes it a perfect substrate for reptiles and small animals. Aspen substrate also doesn’t trigger respiratory problems in animals that some other woods may cause, such as cedar.

Why Opt for Aspen substrate?

Our Eden Aspen Fibre is compatible with all reptiles and small animals and is particularly suited for nesting and animal enrichment. Typically, aspen substrate is used for reptiles such as snakes, lizards, tortoises, and other small animals. It is used to line the base of the enclosure, creating a naturalistic environment that the animals can burrow in.

The organic properties of aspen help keep vivariums and enclosures smelling fresh and clean, which is not only important for the animals but also for you. It is a natural and sustainable material that is preferred by many professional herpetoculturists. Due to its soft and lightweight qualities, it creates a comfortable environment and its neutral colour helps mimic the animals’ natural habitat.

Aspen wood is highly absorbent and dust-free, which is perfect for animals that survive in low humidity conditions. To go above and beyond, we have heat-treated our aspen fibre to reduce the growth of bacteria and enhance absorbency even further.

Here at Eden Products, we only supply 100% biodegradable and natural products, only sourcing materials from sustainable regions of the world. We offer a wide range of reptile substrates including, Aspen Fibre, Corn Cob, Tortoise Terrain, HerbiFloor, and more, which you can find on our website! If you house multiple animals, all of our pet products can be mixed and matched onto one pallet if required. If you wish to find more information about our reptile substrate range, feel free to contact us today and our team will be more than happy to help.

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