Eden Products has become a leading supplier of industrial materials over the past 15 years, supplying 100% natural and sustainable products to different industry sectors including, fuel, plastics, smoking, and filtration. However, you may not know that we also supply to the cosmetic industry!

Although we offer products such as wood wool, smoking chips, and walnut shells, we also supply pumice stone. Pumice stone is a natural byproduct of molten rock and water and has been used in the cosmetics industry for many years, mainly for its abrasive qualities.

What is Pumice Stone?

The most high-quality pumice stone is exhumed from large deposits, deep under the ground, and is a form of pyroclastic volcanic rock. It is produced when volcanic magma is completely liquid and contains a high content of water and gas. As the magma depressurises and cools, the gases dissolve in the rock, forming an extremely porous and frothy texture. The organic qualities of pumice stone make it incredibly useful for the cosmetic industry; it is naturally abrasive, naturally calcine, and non-crystalline.

Eden Pumice is mined and imported from Idaho USA, offering our clients the purest form of pumice stone.

Uses in the Cosmetic Industry

The use of pumice stone has become more and more popular within the cosmetic and personal care industry. This is due to the non-toxic and sustainable properties it has; other man-made beauty products tend to be made of synthetic and chemically made materials, which are not only harmful to yourself but also the environment when discarded. Pumice stone on the other hand is a natural product of the earth and has a main component of silicon dioxide, a compound that is made from silicon and oxygen molecules. Silicon dioxide is commonly identified as Silica and is used widely in the cosmetics industry. Silica is known for its abrasive qualities, and its ability to heal skin, helping build collagen to promote skin elasticity. Making pumice stone an excellent natural product.

Skin Exfoliant

Pumice stone is lightweight and abrasive – an excellent natural and gentle exfoliant. The stone is perfect for removing dead skin and reviving dull and dry areas. Pumice stone contains no other ingredients or chemicals that might adversely affect the skin. Therefore, it can be used to polish the face and body and is suitable for people with sensitive skin, due to its Silica element.

Stretch Marks

Pumice stones can be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. By exfoliating the desired area, the stone removes dead skin cells which allows for new ones to grow. With continuous use and moisturising, stretch marks will fade over time.

Foot care

One of the most common uses of pumice stone in the cosmetic industry is foot care. Pumice stone is a superb abrasive for removing tough calluses and hard heels. With gradual exfoliation, a pumice stone can be a beneficial tool for making your feet soft again.

Hair Removal

Surprisingly, pumice stone can also be used to remove unwanted body hair. Although it is a slow process, a pumice stone can be rubbed in a circular motion against the skin to remove stubborn hair. The porous texture creates friction on the skin, grabbing onto the hair and essentially wearing it away.


The volcanic stone can be crushed into a substance called pumicite, also known as pumice powder. Pumicite has many benefits and uses, one of them being its demand within dentistry for its teeth whitening properties. For over 4000 years, first discovered by the Egyptians, pumice stone has been used to whiten teeth. The abrasive texture of the pumice helps clean teeth more deeply and remove stains without scratching the enamel, and for this reason is used by many dental clinics. Pumicite also has the ability to kill bacteria and thus keeps the gums clean by removing plaque. This substance can be seen as the main ingredient in many different toothpastes and teeth polishers on the market.


Here at Eden Products, we are a leading pumice stone supplier, and we will supply you with guaranteed high-quality pumice. As you have read, the stone can be used widely within the cosmetics industry, from skin exfoliation to teeth whitening. It is a sustainable and durable material, useful for individuals, cosmetic companies, and people within the commercial industry. There are many other uses for pumice stone – the cosmetic industry is only one example! For more information about Eden Pumice Stone, please contact our team as we are more than happy to help.

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