For many people, the use of smoking chips might be a new discovery, and others may not know what they are used for at all.

Smoking chips are heavily used in the food industry and have a long history in the UK and Ireland, commonly used to enhance the flavour of foods to create an infused smokey flavour. The use of smoking chips is a staple ancient cooking method, and the natural woody aroma is something that cannot be replicated with other food ingredients.

Smoking wood can be in the form of chunks, shavings, chips, and dust. They are easy to use and can be mastered with time to produce the tastiest results. This form of cooking is not just limited to only one food genre, you can smoke anything from red meats and fish to vegetables and nuts, and they can be used on a charcoal or gas grill. All our wood has been developed to be compatible with all commercial smoke generators and traditional kilns, allowing all our customers to experience this old-style form of cooking. Dry smoking chips ignite and burn out fast, so they are perfect for foods like fish and steak however, the combinations are endless!

How do smoking chips and dust enhance the taste of foods?

Here at Eden Products, we supply hard and soft woods, and we offer four standard grades of material which will be suitable for different smokehouses. For example, our smallest wood available is the smoking dust 0/20 – 5/10 (0-2mm) and the largest is the smoking chip 20/160 (8mm), all of which will change the smoking experience.

We have a full range of woods available which can change the depth and enhance the flavours of food. Some of the woods we offer are Oak, Apple, Chestnut, Whiskey and Maple, just to name a few. The wood should be chosen accordingly to the chosen food, creating a perfect pair with a distinctive flavour profile. When the smoking chips are burnt, the sugar molecules (cellulose and hemicellulose) in the wood essentially caramelise which induces a sweet or fruity aroma to the food. The flavour that is added is unique and can be naturally created without adding any other ingredients.

Examples of different flavours to mix

  1. Eden Apple Smoking chips and dust – a soft lighter wood that produces a subtle fruity flavour. Best used with poultry and pork to create a sweeter taste.
  2. Eden Oak Smoking chips and dust – a classic wood choice for a smokier infusion with a medium smokey flavour. These wood chips work wonderfully with pork and beef but also with most vegetables.
  3. Eden Cherry Smoking chips and dust – like the apple wood, our cherry smoking chips produce a distinct mild but sweet flavour to go with poultry or fish dishes.
  4. Eden Whiskey Smoking chips and dust – whiskey chips are generally strong and heavy in flavour. Used with many red meat dishes to create a deep smokey aroma.

Not only can smoking chips be used dry, but they can also be soaked. Generally soaking smoking chips allow for a longer cooking time and can be used when cooking meats such as beef and pork that take a longer time to cook, saturating your dishes with a longer lasting smokey flavour.

At Eden Products, we have been supplying the food smoking industry for the past 15 years and are a Certified BRC supplier of commercial and BBQ smoking chips and dust. We source our wood primarily from Germany and are certified under a European PEFC Wood Sustainability Standard. Therefore, you can rely on us to provide you with quality and sustainably sourced smoking chips.

We are experts in what we do, if you are interested in purchasing from us you are guaranteed 100% natural, sustainable, and biodegradable products. Contact us today through our contact form or give us a call on 01606 835757.


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