Avoid the Tax on void packaging altogether by switching away from plastics and moving to Wood Wool


From 1st April 2022 the government is set to introduce the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), which will be a new tax levied on plastic packaging in the UK. The purpose of this new tax is to increase the use of recycled material in plastic packaging rather than using virgin material. This is a tax that will be applied to plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic and is made in or imported into the UK. It will not apply to any packaging which is not predominantly plastic by weight. All Food (including Pet Food) cannot contain a recycled plastic in it, it must be primary virgin material so for this sector there is no alternative but to pay the tax

The hope is that this will help to encourage greater levels of collection and recycling of plastic packaging waste in the UK, reducing our reliance on primary plastics for packaging.

However, here at Eden Products, we believe that because the tax is to provide a clear powerful financial incentive for businesses to source and purchase recycled plastic in the manufacture of plastic packaging that it is likely to push up the cost of the recycled plastics most suited to their usage and ultimately increase the cost of plastic packaging, whether it is as a result of the tax levy or the rising cost of recycled materials. If all of this is sounding confusing and the process of legislative compliance fills you with dread let alone the added expense, then there is an alternative which is to switch away from plastic packaging altogether where there are alternatives. Once such area is the use of plastics in void packaging where there are many environmentally friendly as well as tax efficient alternatives such as using Wood Wool.

One of the best, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions for void fill packaging which will be exempt from this new tax is Wood Wool. Eden Wood Wool is a mechanically produced, multifunctional wood-based material in the form of fine strands and virtually dust-free. Our Wood Wool is of the highest quality and is used in many applications for void filling and it does not attract fungus or bacteria and has good elasticity/velocity which safeguards high value products from damage during transportation.

So, take this opportunity to make the switch from plastic void packaging fillers to Wood Wool and save yourself a hefty tax bill in the process.

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