The welfare of animals during transport is protected by retained EU legislation. Those involved in the transportation of animals must transport them in a way that is not likely to cause injury or undue suffering. When you transport animals, you must adhere to a number of welfare directives which also include checking the animals during the journey to make sure you meet their needs for water, feed, and rest, and giving the animals sufficient floor space and height. This legislation covers all main animal groups including the transportation of poultry. Currently, many chicks are transported in crates with sawdust / shavings as a bedding material which does not offer the best solution when looking at the bird’s welfare and could potentially conflict with the current animal welfare during transportation legislation.

One preferred option is to use Wood Wool Pads in the transportation of young birds. The Wood Wool Pad is used in poultry crates for the transport of day-old chicks. The Wood Wool Fibers on the pad absorbs droppings and allows them to travel in the best possible conditions. The Wood Pads provide a cleaner transportation solution and are more comfortable for the chicks on longer journeys than sawdust or shavings. Young Chicks are also more susceptible to temperature stress and the Wood Wool pads provide a far better level of thermal insulation. They also contribute to the reduction in the death rate due to the stability of their legs in the Wood Wool.

To find out more about our Wood Wool Pads please contact our sales team who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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