You might be surprised to know that we don’t just sell smoking chips, wood flours and various nutshell granules, but we are also an important partner for reptile enthusiasts with a range of products developed to enhance the welfare of owner’s loved pets!

There are now more than 1.5 million reptiles kept as pets in the UK which is an increase of over 200,000 from the previous year. During the pandemic, we all became aware of the growth in pet ownership and specifically the growth in first time dog owners, but it looks like people have also developed an interest in keeping reptiles, as they have had more time at home.

Research conducted on the behalf of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association shows that a staggering 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. In its latest Pet Population Data survey, the PFMA concluded that the big increase was driven by younger families, with two-thirds of new owners aged between 16-34.  1.5% of households now have either a snake or a lizard as a family member; a long way behind the 33% of households that include a dog, but still an impressive figure considering the nature of the pet.

Eden has been supplying the reptile industry with packed and bulk products for 15 years and we continue to adapt the products we have to keep pace with industrial changes. With the ever-increasing demands of the customers and their perceptions of what will enrich their animal’s habitat, we currently have a range suited to the current needs of the industry.

Eden Aspen Fibre is compatible with all animals and reptiles and is particularly suited for nesting and animal enrichment. These fibres will create a comfortable habitat with a natural appearance and are a popular substrate among snake owners. Eden Fibre Pellets (HerbiFloor) are a perfect solution for herbivores that produce large amounts of waste liquid like Tortoise. Eden Vermiculite is used for invertebrates that require a higher humidity and more stable environment and can also be used for the incubation of reptile eggs.

Eden Corn Cob is a natural bedding and substrate manufactured to produce a lightweight dust free small animal bedding and reptile substrate. Eden Orchid Bark is the perfect, attractive, and natural floor covering which holds moisture, making it a fantastic choice for terrariums which require higher levels of humidity. It is ideal for tropical forest reptiles and invertebrates as well as most species of amphibians. Eden Natural Desert is ideal for reptiles originating from a desert environment. We also provide a Natural Red Desert Sand which enhances the look and environment of the vivarium.

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