As we continue to grow our business here at Eden Products and invest in new ranges of specialist wood and vegetable fibre, flours and granules, a growing number of our larger clients are requiring BRC Certification as they look towards traceability and legal compliance throughout their supply chain. UKAS accredited auditors look at the way we work and who our suppliers are to ensure we are sourcing our products from GSSI companies.

As the public-private partnership on seafood sustainability with over 90 stakeholders, GSSI coordinates global efforts and resources to address seafood sustainability challenges facing the sector. Governed by a steering board representing the full seafood value chain, companies, NGOs, governments, and international organisations, GSSI promotes sector-wide collaboration to drive forward more sustainable seafood solutions for all involved.

BRC is a quality certification initiative, used by over 22,000 companies and suppliers to the food industry across over 120 countries. The organisation’s main aim is to provide protection for the consumer by standardising quality, safety, and operational activities to guarantee food manufacturers and their suppliers fulfil their legal obligations.

For BRC Certification the food industry is broken down into five key sectors: Food Safety, Packaging and Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers, and Consumer Products.

From presiding over activities which may affect the safety, quality, and legality of stored products, to helping establish good manufacturing practices, the standard is fast becoming a minimum requirement for major retailers.

Compliance and traceability are key food industry themes, which are being traced deeper within the supply chain as retailers strive to demonstrate their commitment to quality throughout their supply chains more non-critical suppliers, and distributors are joining the accreditation scheme, as we have here at Eden Products, to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

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