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Drive down your development costs with our range of eco-friendly products. Get a quote today.

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The Natural Choice for Quality Industrial Materials

With 15 years experience of packing and distributing a range of industrial materials, whatever your requirement our team can help.

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Sustainable Solutions for Your Business

Make the switch to sustainable with our range of eco-friendly materials. Get a quote from our friendly team today.

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Extensive Range of Sustainable Solutions Available

We stock a wide variety of quantities and grades of natural sustainable materials in our warehouse, ready for distribution when you need them.

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100% Natural and Sustainable Products

From packaging to pets, our products provide the perfect sustainable solutions for your business.

It has always been our company’s philosophy and objective to supply Quality Natural Ingredients and Products, specifically to the UK and Irish Markets. In 2005 Eden Products Ltd was established to support a solid demand for Wood Flour within the UK and Ireland.

Over the years we have diversified and expanded our range, but we have still focused on Natural, Sustainable and Biodegradable materials. We have now become the UK leaders in specialist Wood and Vegetable Fibre, Flours and Granules.

Eden Products Ltd is based in Middlewich Cheshire and operates out of 4 fully facilitated units. We store, re-palletise, pack and distribute depending on our customers’ demands and we are always looking to ensure that we support our customers by doing that little bit extra wherever we can.

We buy from UK and World Suppliers and specialise in sectors such as; Eden Wood Flour, Eden Smoking Chips, Eden Filtration, Eden Corn Cob, Eden Reptile Substrate, Eden Walnut Shell, Eden Wood Wool and Eden Pumice Stone.

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Sustainability – Our Ethos

Eden Products supply a wide range of natural sustainable products from well managed resources. We believe that forests are our future and the lungs of the planet. We are committed to sourcing products only from sustainable areas.

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